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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Looters of the Labyrinth

At last you've found it! The legendary and mysterious labyrinth, rumored to hold many treasures! Unfortunately, you're not alone; you've been followed by other treasure raiders, and you'll have to act quickly and shrewdly to secure the plunder for yourself.


Looters of the Labyrinth, formerly Plunderers of the Labyrinth, is a board game I've been developing over the last few years. It is a spatial strategy game for two to eight players in which the goal is to collect the majority of the treasures in a constantly shifting labyrinth. Players place wall pieces to either hinder their opponents or help themselves, but the walls can be demolished over the course of play. Play time is dependent upon the number of players, with a four player game taking 45 minutes to an hour. A two player game has a rather different feel than a four player game, and a game with four or more players is best played in two teams.

Here's what an eight player team game looks like. This is an earlier prototype than the current version, and the game hasn't been published or mass produced yet.

Plunderers of the Labyrinth 8 player game

Plunderers of the Labyrinth, closer view of prototype components


  1. Even in prototype form it's looking pretty good, I'd say!

  2. Yeah maybe too good; they always say to keep things easily destructible in development. But then again, it's nice to have a nice thing for Con of the North.